Kachin Refugees Learning Center K R L C

Sharing and Learning Together


This is KRLC (Kachin Refugees Learning Center) website. In this page you will find learning resources and online worksheets, get to share your notes, discuss with other students, and more!

This website is dedicated to the students in KRLC, especially for those who are sitting for IGCSE Exam Oct/Nov 2018.


Few pages are operational at the moment (but will be ready in coming weeks). You can try visit Student >> IGCSE for some links you might find useful that I've shared. Check out the rest of the pages as well of course! Soon there'll be more materials for students, learners and even teachers! You might just find this webpage pretty useful eventually. For some reasons. I hope so. Stay tuned!


Note: Are you learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript even (like me)? -- So that you can improve/make your own website --which is pretty cool--?
I recommend (as would most developers I believe)

W3 Schools

All the best!

PS:Under IGCSE page there are more links regarding programming